20/4/2021 Tuesday X Collage Making Competition (Social Issue) C.T.
20/4/2021 Tuesday II Calligraphy (English) C.T.
22/04/2021 Thursday IX Poster Making Competition (World Earth Day) C.T.
22/04/2021 Thursday Nry. Palm Painting C.T.
23/04/2021 Friday III Hindi Kavita Partiyagita Sub.T
23/4/2021 Friday VIII Multi Purpose Box Art T
26/4/2021 Monday I Origami C.T
27/4/2021 Tuesday KG Self Introduction C.T
28/4/2021 Wednesday IV Scenery Drawing and Colouring Competition Sub.T
29/4/2021 Thursday VI English Declamation Sub.T
29/4/2021 Thursday V Newspaper Reading Competition Sub.T
30/4/2021 Friday VI Debate on Moral Education C.T
1/5/2021 Saturday NRY. Colouring Competition C.T.
1/5/2021 Saturday IX Sandwich Making Competition C.T.
7/5/2021 Friday VI Doha Vachan Partiyogita Sub.T.
7/5/2021 Friday IV English Story Telling Competition Sub.T.
11/5/2021 Tuesday KG Enact as any Vegetable & Tell its importance C.T
13/5/2021 Thursday II Best Out of Waste Competition C.T
13/5/2021 Thursday X English Debate on Current Issues Sub.T
17/5/2021 Monday III Face Mask Making Competition Art.T
19/5/2021 Wednesday I Show and Tell Comepition C.T
19/5/2021 Wednesday V Hindi Kavika Partiyogita Sub.T
24/5/2021 Monday VII English Declamation Sub.T
24/5/2021 Monday VIII Bhasha Partiyagita Sub.T
13/7/2021 Tuesday NRY. Hindi Poem Recitation Competition Sub.T.
14/7/2021 Wednesday II Newspaper Reading Competition C.T.
14/7/2021 Wednesday VI Power Point Presentation Sub.T.
15/7/2021 Thursday IX Current Affairs Quiz C.T.
15/7/2021 Thursday V Science Quiz Sub.T
16/7/2021 Friday KG Clay Moudling Art.T
16/7/2021 Friday IV Best Out of Waste Competition Art.T
19/7/2021 Monday I Sulekh Partiyogita C.T
19/7/2021 Monday III Pot Decoration Competition Art.T
23/7/2021 Friday VII Sudoku Sport.T
26/7/2021 Monday VIII English Declamation Sub.T
28/7/2021 Wednesday X Science Quiz Sub.T
3/8/2021 Tuesday K.G. Paper Craft Competition Art.T.
6/8/2021 Friday III Enactment of an Advertisement Sub.T.
9/8/2021 Monday NRY Fancy Dress Competition C.T.
10/8/2021 Tuesday VII Mehandi/Kite Decoration Competition C.T.
12/8/2021 Thursday I Fancy Dress Competition (Patriotic) C.T
13/8/2021 Friday IV Rakhi Making Competition Art.T.
19/8/2021 Thursday VIII Web Page Designing in HTML Sub.T.
19/8/2021 Thursday IX Science Congress C.T
20/8/2021 Friday II Rakhi Making Competition C.T.
20/8/2021 Friday II Rakhi Making Competition Art.T.
27/8/2021 Friday X Hindi Vaad Vivaad Partiyogita Sub.T.
29/9/2021 Wednesday K.G. Picture Arrangement Competition(Using Geometrical Shapes) C.T.
29/9/2021 Wednesday II Designer Hunt (Creative Design) Art.T.
30/9/2021 Thursday NRY Object Talk (Environmental C.T.
30/9/2021 Thursday I Colouring Competition C.T.
21/10/2021 Thursday NRY English Poem Recitation Competition Sub.T.
21/10/2021 Thursday VII Science Quiz Sub.T
21/10/2021 Thursday VIII Displaying Display Board C.T
22/10/2021 Friday I Leaf Painting Competition Art.T.
22/10/2021 Friday IV Scenery in MS Paint Sub.T.
22/10/2021 Friday IX Mehandi/Rangoli Competition Art.T.
25/10/2021 Monday K.G. Dance Competition C.T.
27/10/2021 Wednesday X Mehandi/Rangoli Competition Art.T.
28/10/2021 Thursday V Matki/Lord Krishna Crown Decoration Art.T.
28/10/2021 Thursday V English Story Telling Competition Sub.T.
29/10/2021 Friday II Thali Decoration Competition Art.T.
29/10/2021 Friday I Tattoo Designing Competition Art.T.
02/11/2021 Tuesday K.G. Diya and Candle Decoration Art.T.
02/11/2021 Tuesday X Displaying of Display Board (Diwali) C.T.
02/11/2021 Tuesday VI Chandelier Making Competition Art.T.
02/11/2021 Tuesday VIII Jewellery/Puppet Making Competition Art.T.
11/11/2021 Thursday II Mosaic Art Competition Art.T.
12/11/2021 Friday III Collage Making Competition (Children's Day) Art.T.
12/11/2021 Friday V English Story Telling Competition Sub.T
15/11/2021 Monday NRY Self Introduction C.T.
15/11/2021 Monday IV EVS Quiz Sub.T.
25/11/2021 Thursday VII Displaying of Display Board C.T.
25/11/2021 Thursday IX Gift Packing Art.T.
25/11/2021 Thursday VII English Poem Recitation Competition Sub.T.
01/12/2021 Wednesday K.G. Snowman Making Competition Art.T.
03/12/2021 Friday II Hasye Kavita Partiyogita Sub.T.
03/12/2021 Friday IX Power Point Presentation Sub.T.
06/12/2021 Monday VI Poster Making Competition Art.T.
06/12/2021 Monday NRY Tearing and Pasting Paper Competition C.T
08/12/2021 Wednesday VIII Shlok Vachan Partiyogita Sub.T
09/12/2021 Thursday V Maths Quiz Sub.T
13/12/2021 Monday I Clay Moudling Art.T
15/12/2021 Wednesday IV Hindi Desh Bhakti Kavita Partiyagita Sub.T.
16/12/2021 Thursday X Sudoku C.T.
17/12/2021 Friday VII Hindi Bhasha Partiyogita Sub.T.
29/12/2021 Wednesday III Greeting Card Making Competition Art.T.
18/01/2022 Tuesday K.G. English Poem Recitation Competition C.T
18/01/2022 Tuesday VI Semi-Classical Dance Competition C.T
19/01/2022 Wednesday NRY Balloon Decoration C.T
19/01/2022 Wednesday II Dance Competition C.T
20/01/2022 Thursday V Poster Making in MS Word Sub.T
20/01/2022 Thursday V Maths Quiz Sub.T
21/01/2022 Friday I Tearing Pasting in Fruits & Vegetable Shapes C.T
21/01/2022 Friday X Live Presentation/Making Video Sub.T
24/1/2022 Monday III Maths Quiz Sub.T.
24/1/2022 Monday VII Poster Making Competition Art.T.
28/01/2022 Friday VIII Sudoku Sports.T.
28/01/2022 Friday IX English Extempore Sub.T
02/02/2022 Wednesday VI Science Puzzle Sub.T
02/02/2022 Wednesday VI Warli Painting Competition Art.T
03/02/2022 Thursday NRY Bud Painting Sub.T
03/02/2022 Thursday III EVS Quiz Sub.T
04/02/2022 Friday V Hindi Kahani Partiyogita Sub.T
04/02/2022 Friday K.G. Screw Painting Competition C.T
04/02/2022 Friday VII Web Page Designing in HTML Sub.T
07/02/2022 Monday II Flower Decoration Competition C.T
07/02/2022 Monday IV News Reading Competition Sub.T
08/02/2022 Tuesday I Book Mark Making Competition Art.T
08/02/2022 Tuesday VIII Vagetable/Fruit Carving Competition C.T