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School Calendar
Date Day Class Activity TOD
20/4/2017 Monday K.G. Rainbow, Colouring Comp. C.T.
25/4/2017 Tuesday I Hindi Handwriting Comp. C.T.
26/4/2017 Wednesday II English poem Recitation C.T.
20/4/2017 Thursday III Note Book Covering & Decoration C.T.
IV Hasya Kavita Partiyogita Hindi Teacher
25/4/2017 Tuesday V Paper Origami Act Teacher
18/4/2017 Tuesday> VI Umbrella Decoration Act Teacher
28/4/2017 Friday VII Spellathon Eng. Teacher
25/4/2017 Tuesday VIII Shlok Gayan Comp. SKt. Teacher
18/5/2017 Thursday NRY. Bindi Pasting Comp. C.T.
17/5/2017 Wednesday K.G. Self Introduction Comp. C.T.
12/5/2017 Friday I English Handwriting Comp. C.T.
18/5/2017 Thursday II Spell and Unscramble C.T.
11/5/2017 Friday III Hindi Handwriting Comp. Hindi Teacher
18/5/2017 Thursday IV Key Ring making Act Teacher
26/5/2017 Friday V Photo Frame making comp. C.T.
30/5/2017 Tuesday VI Solo Dance C.T.
12/5/2017 Friday VIII Bhasha Partiyogita Hindi Teacher
25/7/2017 Tuesday NRY. Fancy Dress Comp. C.T.
17/7/2017 Saturday K.G. Pencil Shaving and pasting C.T.
28/7/2017 Friday I English poem Recitation C.T.
II Panchtatra Katha Partiyogita C.T.
14/7/2017 Friday III Patriotic poem recitation Hindi Teacher
10/7/2017 Monday IV English Story telling comp. Sub teacher
13/7/2017 Thursday V Brain Teasers Math Teacher
12/7/2017 Wednesday VI Bhajan singing comp. Hindi Teacher
11/7/2017 Monday VIII Monument talk C.T.
11/8/2017 Friday NRY. Hindi poem Recitation C.T.
01/8/2017 Tuesday K.G. Hindi poem Recitation C.T.
10/8/2017 Thursday I Animal faces with CD C.T.
08/08/2017 Tuesday II Hindi poem Recitation C.T.
16/8/2017 Wednesday III Brain Teasers Math Teacher
29/8/2017 Tuesday IV Wall hanging Art teacher
09/08/2017 Wednesday V Hindi poem Recitation Hindi Teacher
22/8/2017 Tuesday VI English Declamation Sub. Teacher
08/08/2017 Tuesday VII Dance comp. C.T.
28/8/2017 Monday VIII Debate C.T.
08/09/2017 Friday NRY. Introduce yourself C.T.
07/09/2017 Thursday K.G. Hut making with ice cream sticks C.T.
08/09/2017 Friday I Dance comp. C.T.
29/9/2017 Thursday II Creative drawaing with Geometrical Shape C.T.
Friday III Maths/EVS Quiz Sub. Teacher
29/8/2017 Wednesday IV IT/ G.K. Quiz Sub. Teacher
07/09/2017 Thursday V Dance comp. C.T.
20/9/2017 Wednesday VI Clay modeling Act Teacher
VII DQuiz on mahabharat Sub. Teacher
07/09/2017 Thursday VIII basket Making Act Teacher
07/10/2017 Saturday NRY. Tearing and pasting C.T.
K.G. Eng. Poem recitation C.T.
03/10/2017 Tuesday I Colouring Comp. C.T.
16/10/2017 Tuesday II Book mark making C.T.
03/10/2017 Tuesday III Wall hanging making C.T.
17/10/2017 Tuesday IV English Declamation Sub. Teacher
12/10/2017 Thursday V G.K./ I.T. Quiz Sub Teacher
27/10/2017 Friday VI Wall Decoration Art teacher
17/10/2017 Tuesday VII Mirror Decoration Art teacher
02/10/2017 Wednesday VIII Dance comp. PYU
06/11/2017 Monday NRY. Ear bud comp. C.T.
07/11/2017 Tuesday K.G. Fancy Dress Comp. C.T.
8/11/2017 Wednesday I Fancy Dress Comp. C.T.
II Fancy Dress Comp. C.T.
09/11/2017 Monday III Salad making C.T.
17/10/2017 Thursday IV Dance comp. C.T.
10/11/2017 Friday V Clay modeling Art Teacher
14/11/2017 Tuesday VI G.K./ I.T. Quiz Sub Teacher
13/11/2017 Thursday VII Cooking without fire Class Teacher
23/11/2017 Thursday VIII Plant Hanger Art teacher
12/12/2017 Friday NRY. English poem Recitation C.T.
K.G. lgloo with cotton C.T.
07/12/2017 Thursday I friendship band making C.T.
02/12/2017 Saturday II Dance comp. C.T.
07/12/2017 Thursday III G.K./ I.T. Quiz Sub. Teacher
18/12/2017 Monday IV Snowman with socks or glass Art teacher
05/12/2017 Tuesday V Greeting card making comp. Act Teacher
06/12/2017 Wednesday VI Quiz on Ramayana Sub Teacher
12/02/2017 Saturday VII Table lamp with Bottles Act. Teacher
26-12-2017 Monday VIII Working model on S.S Sub. Teacher
22/01/2018 Monday NRY. Clay Modelling C.T.
K.G. Clay Modelling C.T.
I Math Puzzle Maths teacher
II G.K/I.T Quiz Sub. Teacher
23/01/2018 Tuesday III English Poem Recitation Sub. Teacher
IV Hindi Story Telling Comp. Hindi Teacher
V Salad Making Comp. C.T.
29/01/2018 Friday VI Enactment of an Advertisement I.T Teacher
18/11/2018 Thursday VII MS Power Point I.T Teacher
30/01/2018 Tuesday VIII Model Math Sub. Teacher
01/02/2018 Thursday NRY. Solo Dance Comp C.T.
07/02/2018 Wednesday K.G. Screw Painting Activity C.T.
02/02/2018 Friday I I.T/G.K. Quiz C.T.
03/02/2018 Saturday II Memory game C.T.
05/02/2018 Monday III Language Quiz Sub. Teacher
IV Language Quiz Sub Teacher
V Maths/ Science Quiz Sub Teacher
07/02/2018 Wednesday VI Maths/ Science Quiz Sub Teacher
08/02/2018 Thursday VII English declamation Sub Teacher
Thursday VIII English declamation Sub. Teacher
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