Sports Activities
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Co-Curricular Activities

Celebration Weeks

24.4.17 TO 29.4.17 Health and Nutrition Weeks
10.7.17 To 15.7.17 Nature week
08.8.17 To 11.8.17 Patriotic Week
06.11.17 to 10.11.17 Cleanliness Week

Sport Activities

Nry., K.G. Ring Race , Fun Race , Biscuits Race
I,II Banana Race ,50m Race ,Under the Chair Race
III,IV 50m, Race , flag Race , Sack Race , Back Race
V,VI 100m , Race ,Hurdle Race , Three Legged Race
VII,VIII 100m, Race , Short Put ,Balance Race ,High Jump
IX,X 100m, Race ,Discus Throw ,High Jump,

Inter House Competition

1. Carrom Competition
2. Long Jump
3. Kabaddi
4. Badminton
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